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Major retailers, art galleries, arts and crafts and photography stores have come to rely on the superior service and quality that Ciné-Affiches offers.



As an official movie poster distributor and a leader in lamination in the country, it was a no-brainer to add framing to our line-up of services back in the nineties. Ciné-Affiches is now the wholesale framing supplier to many retailers and resellers.


Major retailers as well as small art galleries and art or photography stores rely on our quality products and superior service.


Over the years, Ciné-Affiches has streamlined its offering to focus on the top selling frames and provide them at very competitive prices to resellers. By reducing the number of frames and consolidating production, Ciné-Affiches can keep all their products in inventory and guarantee a three-day turnaround on most orders all with competitive pricing.


Everything is done on premises. Frames and glass are both cut in-house and quality checks are run at each step of the assembly and finishing line. Our frames are available in multiple widths and finishes and the glass can either be standard or non-glare. Computerized mat cutters and our experienced staff ensure precision and high quality work.


Should you want to offer a full framing service in your photography store, gift shop, gallery or online retail store, Ciné-Affiches has the perfect turnkey solution. Samples, price lists and information guides are available to get you started right away.

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